Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Marsupial Gastronome (or Mulgara)

Gday! Here we have a Mulgara, or marsupial mouse. Don't ask me, I've never seen one and until I had to search out reference photos of the little fella for the commission, I'd never heard of it either - there must be many creatures that dwell on this continent that most Australians are unaware of I should think. (I - as most Aussies were - was unaware of the existence of the Bilby until I did this book back in the late 1990s. It was only when the Bilby, as an endagered species, was being promoted as an alternative to the Easter Bunny, that most of us became aware of its existence.)

Back to our Mulgara. This little species is to be found in the desert areas of Australia -most of Australia is desert, so I would imagine that it has a wide range to wander about in ; wonder where they go on their holidays? The Gold Coast probably. - it lives on insects and what it does for water I haven't the foggiest - probably buys it in plastic bottles like the rest of the world seems to be doing these days.(?)

So you see, not only is it fun to be an illustrator - being paid to draw and paint pretty pictures, what a life! - but I also gain knowledge while doing research...most of it useless and hardly likely to impress that blonde at the party...but...oh well...never was any good at chatting up the ladies, so I'll just continue to stand in the corner with my Indian Tonic Water and mutter, like Michael Caine, "Not many people know that," to the standard lamp.

Cheers. RWS