Monday, October 12, 2009

Decorative Bits - Endpapers and Half Title Page

G'day folks! Been a while I know...busy paintin', drawin' an' givin' the house a coat or two of paint too...I have also been visiting my newest Grandchild...Chloe. Born 1805 hours, 2nd October 2009...and of course...She is absolutely gorgeous! Her Mum and Dad are over the moon as are her Nan and Pop. Noah and Sian, my first two Grandchildren, are also gorgeous...I could be biased of course...

Well, now that the birth notices are out of the way, on with the pictures. The title of this entry is really all the explanation that's needed...endpapers and half-title page decoration...(Just had a thought, related to births in a way...what is only known these days as the half-title page was once called - in the19th early 20th century - the bastard page...why? Because, like a Bastard child, the half title page has a name,(title) but no Father's name,(Author)...and as MIchael Caine would say, "Not many people know that."

Cheers. RWS

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