Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lew Wombati (Singer ordinary)

Gday! Lew was modelled on a well known operatic personality and singer...apart from the name, the pose and handkerchief should be a dead give away. For those of you from outside of Australia, and who have not seen a wombat, they are large sturdy fellows that live in burrows. To give you an idea of a wombat's size and weight, cars have been known to overturn when hitting the poor creatures on our country highways and outback roads. No, they are not sturdy enough to suffer such impacts unscathed...does the term, 'road kill', give you an idea of the outcome? Road kill usually ends up being nibbled at by our native bird of prey, the wedge-tailed- eagle, the second largest feathered predator in the world...the first being the South American condor. (A wedge-tailed-eagle will feature in a future post.)

Oh, the little Lego pieces and the odd marble at the bottom of each illustration page of this book, are part of a little visual story I created as a bonus for the reader. These items are left behind as evidence of Petal's journey through the book. Petal, is Bill Bilby's little sister - I invented her too. Enjoy and cheers. RWS.

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